Testimonials – ‘Registration and Reporting for the HEU’ Workshop

“I’m a Raving Fan of you ladies, because of the sheer care that you put into your sessions!!! I genuinely am grateful for all the time and content you have put together that I can now take my time to navigate through at my own pace. You have provided a nurturing & respectful space for us mums & dads that simply need support through the process. Thank you so, so much!!!” Beck

“I enrolled in your workshop not knowing if I was doing enough or if I was capable, not being a ‘teacher’ or an ‘academic.’ I left feeling even more confident with all I am doing and have done! I know my daughter and can fulfil her needs. Ahh! Relief! I can enjoy the process moving forward. Thank you, Nicole and Jeny.” Attendee

“Thank you for your time on Saturday. Today is my day to go over all the forms supplied and start organising my year. Although I have [already] registered and my learning plan was accepted without comment, I was still unsure how to actually follow through on what I wrote. Before the session, I would have freaked at the thought of the yearly review but the reality from your shared information [has made it] not scary for me now!!!” Attendee

“Thank you so much again for the wonderful workshop at the weekend. I have been making notes and doing research ready to put together our application. [My comments:] Great content; friendly instructors; very valuable being able to express my concerns and ask questions in real time.” Lorrie

“For me, getting my head around how to calculate the date for submission of my registration papers in relation to ‘the reporting date’ was gold; discussing how to do work sample annotations was something that made the requirement of the work samples make sense to me and I don’t know that I would have picked up on that if I hadn’t come to the workshop; the section about understanding the key criteria for a high quality education was super helpful and a great aspect of the workshop; all the references, handouts and examples given are really helpful; going through the plan from start to finish was good; and the e-book that you both created is a really amazing resource.” Monica

“The workshop helped me with confidence to go ahead and begin my registration application, and helped me with a structure of how to set it out and what to include. Thank you, it was much easier for me to begin after your session and I was able to steadily continue and complete it. Woo!  I have provisional registration and will have to wait a few more months to hear back more.” Rachael

‘Registration and Reporting for the Home Education Unit (HEU) in QLD’ Workshop, March 2018.