Positive Feedback for ‘Registration and Reporting for the HEU’ Workshop

We have had some positive feedback for our ‘Registration and Reporting for the Home Education Unit (HEU) in QLD’ Workshop.

“I’m a Raving Fan of you ladies, because of the sheer care that you put into your sessions!!! I genuinely am grateful for all the time and content you have put together that I can now take my time to navigate through at my own pace. You have provided a nurturing & respectful space for us mums & dads that simply need support through the process. Thank you so, so much!!!” Beck

More comments can be found on our Testimonials page: Testimonials – ‘Registration and Reporting for the HEU’ Workshop


Registration and Reporting for the HEU Workshop Update

After many days of intense preparation for our upcoming workshop on ‘Registration and Reporting for the HEU’ we are happy to report that the workshop has come together nicely:
✅ Clear handouts explaining the registration process
✅ ‘Must have’ elements of each yearly plan
✅ How to address the key ‘criteria for a HIGH QUALITY EDUCATION’ (and what do they EVEN mean?!?!)
✅ What to include in a yearly review
✅ Support and practice in annotating a work sample
✅ Examples of real-life activities and how to write about them as ‘work samples’
✅ Exclusive access to helpful links and resources
If you are interested in attending this workshop … there is still time.
If you can’t make it on Saturday 3rd March you have a few options.
Option 1: LET US KNOW that you want to attend a future workshop and tell us what time-frame (month) is suitable for you. If at least 8 people do this, we can arrange another workshop.
Option 2: Contact other homeschooling parents (in your homeschooling group/community) to get a group of 8 to 10 parents who want to attend this workshop. Contact us to arrange a suitable date. Come to our venue in Paddington or arrange a venue in your area. Contact us to find out more. Email: – Yay!

Planning and Reporting for the Home Education Unit (HEU) QLD

There is only one month to go until our workshop on Planning and Reporting for the Home Education Unit (HEU) in Queensland. This is a 5 hour workshop for parents on Saturday 3rd March, 2018, 10:30am to 3:30pm, at Paddington, Brisbane. Please have a look at our Events page on our website to see what the workshop covers.

Early-bird tickets for $75 each are available now. (Regular price is $85) Email Nicole at to reserve your seat.

Places are limited so that Jeny and Nicole can meet the needs of each participant. Feel free to email us to ask questions about the workshop.

Positive feedback

What a great time to share with you some feedback we received from our first ‘Introduction to Home Education’ session:

 “I’m glad I attended as it put to rest a few of my anxieties regarding home schooling. It gave me a boost of confidence that as a parent, I am more than capable of facilitating the educational and learning opportunities that my child needs to grow into a curious, healthy and independent young adult. Listening to stories of your challenges and how you have overcome them were most beneficial and rewarding. Thank you.”

Hanan – Introduction to Home Education – Parent Information Session – December 2017.

Check our upcoming EVENTS for more information then send us an email to reserve your seat or suggest the date for your preferred session.

New HEU Registration & Reporting Workshop

Hi All,

Well, it’s official. We are running a workshop for parents on ‘Registration and Reporting to the Home Education Unit (HEU) in Queensland‘ on Saturday 3rd March, 2018, 10:30am to 3:30pm, $75 per person early bird / $85 regular ticket. Yep – that’s 5 hours to workshop together on planning, yearly reports and work samples. (Ok, we’ll break for lunch and a cuppa too.) All the details are on our EVENTS page on the website, and on our Facebook page too.

Happy Home Educating,

Nicole and Jeny

Homeschooling 101 QLD