‘Helping Your Child Learn to Read’ Workshop

Jeny and Nicole are more than just ‘two mums who love to chat to other parents about home education.’ They are both ex-teachers and between them they have specialisations in Early Childhood Education, Teaching English as a Second Language and Primary Education. In addition, they have many years of experience teaching neuro-atypical children to read in one-on-one tutoring lessons. 

Being advocates of Natural Learning and Unschooling, Jeny and Nicole believe that the natural age of learning to read varies widely, and they agree with the ideas of Self-Taught Reading. Self-taught reading means that children are supported by their parent/s in their self-led efforts in learning to read. This is done without coercion, answering the child’s questions and providing assistance and knowledge when it is asked for. It acknowledges that some children may need more structured assistance than others, and that some parents may wish to use a more formal approach with the guidance of a reading program, and that is ok too.

So, if we believe in the basic tenets of child-led learning, why on earth are we running a full-day workshop called ‘Helping Your Child Learn to Read?’ Articles on unschooling approaches to learning to read give fantastic advice for helping home educating parents to relax about the teaching of reading to their children. However, there is often little guidance of how to answer their child’s questions about reading or what specific instruction might look like when it’s asked for. 

When you have trusted your child for many years, read to them, created a language-rich environment and they come to you and say they are ready to learn to read, what do you do? Our ‘Helping Your Child Learn to Read’ workshop gives guidance and provides knowledge to parents to help them to: 

  • understand how vital foundational reading-readiness skills can be imparted to children in a natural and fun way
  • understand the most efficient pathways for learning to read
  • integrate literacy learning into their everyday conversations in a real and fun way
  • create a language-rich environment
  • learn more about the English language, including sound awareness, phonics, word-level decoding, blending, segmenting and sight words so they have the knowledge they need when their child needs/requests it
  • understand the best ways to use decodable books, predictable texts and real books
  • learn how to introduce letter sounds, associated letter groupings and spelling choices in the most appropriate sequence for beginning readers
  • understand the importance of syllables in reading English words
  • understand that all of the above information will be equally applicable to those wishing to use a reading program


Tickets for our ‘Helping Your Child Learn to Read’ Workshop can be booked via our website: www.hs101qld.com/events

When: Saturday 24th November, 2018 

Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Where: Paddington, Brisbane 

Book before Wednesday 21stNovember.

Individual tickets $85

For email enquiries: homeschooling101qld@gmail.com