Date for our next workshop: Sat 28th July

Woo hoo! We have set a date for our next workshop: Saturday 28th July, 2018.

What workshop would you like to attend? We could hold:

  • ‘Introduction to Homeschooling’ session OR
  • ‘Registration and Reporting for the Home Education Unit (HEU)’ Workshop.

After feedback from our last workshop, we think that we can divide the Registration and Reporting workshop into two separate workshops. One workshop would be for people who are registering for the first time. We would spend more time on ‘the plan’ and just touch on ‘reporting.’ The other workshop would be for people who ARE registered with the HEU already. We would spend most of the time on how to do ‘reporting and work samples.’

Feel free to email us during the month of May with your preference.

Nicole and Jeny