Homeschooling 101 QLD

Homeschooling 101 QLD offers online workshops for home educators. These sessions are run by Nicole and Jeny, experienced home educators with a special interest in dyslexia, reading, natural learning, unschooling, registration with the Home Education Unit (HEU) in Queensland, and helping parents get started with home education. 

We are transitioning from face-to-face workshops to online workshops. Soon, quality knowledge, advice, resources and practical tips will be available to all home educators who sign up to our online workshops – not just the people who can attend a full-day workshop in Brisbane.

Whether you are an experienced home-educator wanting to register for the first time in QLD, a newbie or someone who is currently exploring the option of home education, you will find an online course suitable for your needs.

While a few of the courses are pertinent only to the Queensland Registration process, most of the courses will be of value to home educators no matter where they live or what philosophy they follow.

Gain clarity, confidence and reassurance by signing up to one of the following courses:

  • Getting Started with Home Education

  • Teaching Your Dyslexic Child to Read and Spell

  • Home Educating Your Dyslexic Child

  • Helping Your Child Learn to Read

  • A More In-depth look at Real Learning, Unschooling and Natural Learning – seeing the learning in everyday activities

  • What it means to be Registered for Home Education in QLD – an overview of registration and reporting

  • Registration and writing a yearly plan for the Home Education Unit (HEU) in QLD

  • Reporting and writing work samples for the Home Education Unit (HEU) in QLD

Please see our EVENTS page for detailed descriptions of each workshop that we have presented in-person.

Online course descriptions will become available when each course is released. 

  • We are transitioning to providing workshops in an online format.
  • We also offer workshops and presentations to groups of home-educating parents, via video link or in-person. In-person speaking engagements will usually be in South-east Queensland. (Toowoomba – stay tuned for August 2019)
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Do you have a group of parents interested in these workshops? Feel free to contact us to see if we can make arrangements to bring a workshop to your venue, with your group. 


About Us

Homeschooling 101 QLD was started in 2017 by Nicole Reardon and Jeny Kinnane, both experienced home educators and ex-primary school teachers with a passion for Natural Learning. Nicole and Jeny recognised that between them they have a wealth of knowledge to share with both new and experienced home educators, and to this end they conducted a number of successful workshops in Brisbane over an 18 month period.

Nicole and Jeny received very positive feedback from attendees, confirming the need for these workshops. The feedback also revealed that there is a large group of home educators who are looking for quality knowledge and advice, and practical assistance in various aspects of their home educating lives. Many of those home educators, for a number of reasons, were not able to attend workshops in person.

By moving these workshops to an on-line platform, Nicole and Jeny hope to cater for all home educators wherever they may be and whatever their circumstances. Now home educators will be able access the quality information they need from the comfort of their own home in their own time.

We are not affiliated with any provider of home education nor are we affiliated with any organisation.

About Jeny

In the 2000’s, Jeny and her husband shared the responsibilities of home educating their youngest son, from the last term of Year 5 through to the end of his high school years. Their eldest son continued to attend school through to Year 12.

Home-schooling was an option that allowed Jeny’s son, who is dyslexic, to learn at his own pace in his own way. Jeny found that she and her husband had to re-evaluate their approach to ‘learning’ and ‘teaching’ as she, her husband and her son settled into home education. Over the years they gradually moved away from a ‘schoolish’ approach to home education to a fully Natural Learning Child-led approach, particularly once their son had acquired age appropriate reading and spelling skills.

About Nicole

Nicole was a primary school teacher for ten years before she became a parent. In 2010, when her eldest child was 4, she began her exploration of unschooling. Home education is an option that is allowing her children to develop and learn at their own pace while giving them the space to reveal their preferred learning styles.

Nicole has loved discovering what real learning looks like for each of her children. She has also learned so much about how people learn outside of a school environment. She is enthusiastic about what a homeschooling lifestyle can offer children, parents and the family unit as a whole.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us via email:

“I attended the ‘Introduction to Home Education’ workshop conducted by Nicole and Jeny. This workshop was really informative and eased my anxieties about whether I could ‘fully’ home educate my daughter. My daughter struggled at mainstream schools (we tried two) before trialling distance education […] Although the Special Needs teacher was really accommodating, this approach wasn’t flexible enough for our needs. The information given and experiences shared by Nicole and Jeny during the workshop really helped me on my journey to full home learning for my daughter. I was able to prepare my home learning plan and HEU application with the confidence gained through the workshop, and my daughter is now fully registered with the Home Education Unit in Queensland. Thank you so much to you both, Nicole and Jeny, for your guidance and encouragement. I look forward to the Reporting for the HEU workshop!” – CLARE

Introduction to Home Education Workshop

“Wow! Nicole & Jeny go above & beyond to put together structured & informative workshops, and at bargain prices! With their combined knowledge, they took away any doubt I had of being able to write my report for the Home Education Unit, using the different strategies of finding useful data & sample collection. The amount of time Nicole & Jeny forfeit, shows the dedication they have to help other homeschooling parents like me. I’ll definitely be attending more workshops to pick at their brains.”- CHARLOTTE

“Absolutely brilliant! Jeny and Nicole prepared meticulous notes and presented a quality workshop that I would thoroughly recommend to new and seasoned homeschoolers.” – CATHERINE

Reporting for the Home Education Unit (HEU) in QLD – Parent Workshop – 4th Aug 2018.

Reporting for the Home Education Unit (HEU) in QLD